Galerie Noah Klink, Art Düsseldorf 2024


Top to bottom:
Untitled (Sauerkraut)_oil, active collagen, vitamin B12, iron, Heilerde, anti-wrinkle cream, Lorazepam, sunscreen Ashwagundha, pumice, sand on wood_28 x22.5cm_2024
Untitled (Meds/To-do)_oil, paper packaging, masking tape, cellophane on wood_28 x 21cm_2024
Untitled (Kitchen)_oil, paper packaging, masking tape, cellophane on wood_28 x 20.5cm_2024
Untitled (Essie)_oil, glue, stick on jewelry on wood_28 x 20.5cm_2024
Documentation by Mareike Tocha.


'November' (group show) @ July August September, [Oct. 29 - Nov. 25, Tokyo]


untitled, graphite on scrap paper, 2023

Dora Budor
Keneth Bergfeld
Feminist Land Art Retreat
Louise Lawler
N. E. One & c
Yuko Mohri
Berenice Olmedo
Phung-Tien Phan
Charlotte Posenenske
rosemarie Trockel
Ko Sin Tung
Trevor Yeung

curated by Carla Donauer 

Frieze London @ Noah Klink, Oct 2023

'Oversharing II'

'L8R my dove'

'Oversharing I'

photos by Lil Mew
Thank you to Noah and Josefine

install view with masking tape trellis



Bowman's Mews, Final Hot Desert [London, 2023]


oil on linen

'In the mood for toffee'
oil on linen

'Bowman's Mews', inaugeral exhibition of Final Hot Desert, UK:

Henrik Potter
Nayan Patel
Pol Wah Tse
Graham Wiebe

September 3 - October 5, 2023

Install shots by Daniel Browne. 
TY Ben Sang and Marina Moro!

Full documentation can be found on the Final Hot Desert website.


The Double Time of Drawing, Clementine Seedorf [Cologne, 19 May - 30 June 2023]



Floating Tongue Game, 
Graphite on cardboard box, 2023

B.A. Briggs
Tony Chrenka
Amelie Warwick
Otto Meyer-Amdedn
Stuart Middleton
Amelie Von Wulffen

curated by Yvo Cho

Photos courtesy of Clementine Seedorf, photos by Oskar Lee.
Full documentation at Contemporary Art Library.
Thank you Yvo Cho and Amelie Warwick!

Von der Unmöglichkeit einer schönen Küche, (commission for an exhibition by Frieder Haller), Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, [Hamburg-Harburg 2023]


‘Good Times, Bad Timing’  on-site wall drawing, charcoal and graphite on wood, 2023
Photo documentation by Fred Dott.
More images of the exhibition here.


Confessions on Sparkling Hill (w/ Tiziana La Melia), Damien and the Love Guru, [Zürich 2023]


Artforum Critic's Pick review 
by Piero Bisello here

My Stranger  (installation view)
wall painting with acrylic, spraypaint, 2023
with Tiziana La Melia's Tabloids: Compressed Narrative Medicine (video stills)

Installation view of 'welcome table' with Tiziana La Melia's 
The Speed of Reflection/Impermeability Rupture (video still) in the background

                                                                                        Baby Talk Promo
                                                                                                                                    oil on linen

Untitled (Uggs)
Uggs, linen, Birchwood, zapstraps, plastic

Untitled (Dyson Staubsauger)
linen, ribbon, vacuum cleaner

Untitled (Geschankeskorb)
hand-painted Avril Lavigne tickets, plush toy, champagne, 
cellophane, Moët and Chandon ice bucket, ribbon

Untitled (Handtuchhalter)
towel rack, linen, ribbon, twine

Untitled (DVDs)
DVDs, cellophane

Untitled (Melatonin)
Melatonin, ribbon, elastic

Documentation by Claude Barrault.

💛 to Tiziana La Melia, Priya Shetty, Atelier Brenda and Lee Plested and everyone involved at Zollikerstrasse 249.

What is a reasonable demand today?, Kantine [Brussels 2023]

 She wanted to die, but she also wanted to live in Paris.

Gustave Flaubert (Madame Bovary) 1856

oil and bleach on linen
39 x 59 cm

                                                                    Wi-fi extender
                                                                                        oil and bleach on linen
                                                                                        36 x 20.5cm

                                                                    Stanton (detail)
                                                                                        oil on linen 
                                                                                        95 x 29 cm

                                                        Kitchen Scene
                                                                        oil on linen
                                                                        31 x 90 cm

                                                                        oil on glass
                                                                        38 cm diameter

                                              wall painting made with four types of interior white paint.

Images by Kristine Daem

Thank you to Perri MacKenzie, Kevin Gallagher, Stanton Taylor, Karen Zimmerman, Anna Ansone, and Elza Kampara.