Gazebo (Vancouver Art Gallery) and Hagazussa (Monte Clark Gallery) 2017

                                                           From 'Ambivalent Pleasures' at The Vancouver Art
                                              Gallery, Dec 3, 2016 - April 17, 2017

'Gazebo' (Installation view and detail), Vancouver Art
Gallery, photos by Maegan Hill-Carroll 2017

hagazussa - as a way of thinking through the enduring tension between interiority and exteriority in painting the trellis emerges as a motif    the trellis is a screen and a divider that implicates the viewer       is she kept out or kept in, trapped or protected      potential relations flicker back and forth       as a structure it appears as a tilted grid recalling the visual regimes of painting and vision and likewise acts as a ground for objects and events to take place. 

hagazussa is an ancient high German word meaning ‘fence-rider’ which later evolved to refer to witches       the witch is a figure who moves fluidly between the realms of nature and civilization often living near or on the outskirts of a settlement whose practice of importing the ‘wild’ through unorthodox practices and herbal knowledge threatened the authority of the church       in thinking of this figure Yip is interested in exploring not the idea of bridging two realms (for both concepts of nature and civilization are constructs) but rather the threat of ambiguity and an undefinable position unfolding at the site of borders.