Fly Robin, Fly, Mécènes du Sud, Montpellier-Séte 25 March - 6 June 2021

Fly Robin, Fly

a group show curated by Nils Alix-Tabeling

Mélissa Airaudi
Nils Alix-Tabeling
Mark Barker
Vanessa Disler
Justin Fitzpatrick
Namio Harukawa
Tiziana La Melia
Marie Lassnig
Marie Legros
Laure Mathieu-Hanen
Tai Shani
Kengné Téguia
Alison Yip

text by Julie Ackerman

Thank you to Marine Lang and Mécènes du Sud
photo documentation by Elise Ortiou-Campion

'House of Sobbing Orchids' is a grotesque style wall painting made on-site at the Mécènes
du Sud made with a ground of wall paint and stencil work applied with  pigment and acrylic 
binder. The room is furnished with pieces by Nils Alix-Tabeling that include aromatic herbal
stuffed cushions, a drawing by Namio Harukawa and a 
sound piece by Tiziana La Melia.

Wormhole Magazine Issue #2 x Dortmunder Kunstverein, 2021


Le Chauffage Magazine, Issue 1


Editors: Emile Rubino and Felix Rapp
Co-Editor: Francesca Percival
Copy Editors: Emile Rubino, Francesca Percival, Felix Rapp, Laura Stellacci, Sabrina Chou, Kevin Gallagher
Design: Francesca Percival and Felix Rapp
Cover Design: Francesca Percival

Contributions by: Nathalie Du Pasquier, Talia Chetrit, Justine Kurland, Ragen Moss, Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes, Hana Miletić—KIAD & Open Kamensko, Evi Olde Rikkert, Lucas Blalock, Sven Dehens, Christiane Blattmann, Sarah Cale, Timmy van Zoelen, Lyndsay Pomerantz, Michael Lachman, Perri MacKenzie, Sharona Franklin, Kevin Gallagher, Jack Burton, Almog Cohen-Kashi & Chloe Seibert, Sophie Varin, Nils Alix-Tabeling, Laura Stellaci & Lena-Lotte Agger,  Ami Sangha, Kasper Bosmans, Dustin Brons, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Aaron Peck, Margarita Maximova, Alison Yip, Antonia Kuo, Ula Sickle and Dorota Jurczak.

Printed by: Cassochrome, Belgium

Edition of 350


PDF, ICE with Becket MWN for Kunstfort Voices #1 February 2021



Sphinx of Black Quartz, Judge My Vow 9 December 2020 - 9 January 2021

curated by John Chilver

Ad Reinhardt
Alan Michael
Alison Yip
Barbara Wesolowska
Gunter Reski
John Chilver
Jonathan Clark
Josefine Reisch
Julia Dubsky

'Eiffel' 13 x 18cm oil on canvas board 2020

a group show at Palfrey, London in which my contribution pictured 
above did not reach its destination via Belgian post.

BARE HEEL COUNTRY, Dortmunder Kunstverein, Germany 30 November 2020 - 2 May 2021

 curated by Rebekka Seubert
graphic design by KoeperHerfurth
translation by Edmée Brell, Good and Cheap Translations
printing by UNTERDRUCK
photo documentation and editing by Roland Baege, Simone Vogel and Felix Rapp

a limited edition german/english publication can be picked up at the exhibition room or ordered online here

Jahr: 2020
Texte: Alison Yip
Hrsg: Dortmunder Kunstverein
Sprache: Deutsch / Englisch
Erschienen bei: Eigenverlag, gedruckt von: UNTERDRUCK
Gestaltung: KoeperHerfurth
Format: 19 x 11,5 cm
Seitenzahl: 28
Preis: 2 € / Mitglieder: kostenlos