Pimparella & Blyss: The Onion Soup (with Camillo Grewe), David's Song, Cologne 2019

With Camillo Grewe <3 at David's Song (Pitt Niklas)
Thank you Torben Wessel ! with the poster

documentation by Pitt Niklas

We Love You, Beursschouwburg 2019

Truly, Madly, Deeply (Multipurpose arts complex) 2019

Finir par mordre, Karl Marx's Studio, Paris, 2019

documentation by Felix Rapp

Hi Ventilation, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Harburg 2019

'Thirsty' 2019
Part of AVAF (assume vivid astro focus) roller rink installation 
along with Melissa E. Logan, David Reiber Otálora, Niclas 
Riepshoff and Hoda Tawakol.


Motoko Ishibashi Alison Yip, Lady Helen, London 2019

the daily lazyart viewer


Alison Yip 'By-pass' 2019 oil on wood 
Motoko Ishibashi 'Cold blow' acrylic on canvas 2018
at Lady Helen (Josefine Reisch and Philip Seibel) 
photos by Philip Seibel


No Place, L'Inconnue, Montreal 2019 (with Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Quintessa Matranga)

oil on canvas

hoax, heal
oil on canvas

never not working
oil, sunscreen, sand, latex, acrylic, anti-wrinkle cream, perfume on canvas

photo documentation by sandra larochelle


The Good Listener, Plat, Amsterdam 2019

Thank You ! Diego and Dee <3 
for everything, the documentation
and producing this publication X